Back-to-School Cleaning Tips

Posted on Sep 2nd 2022


Back-to-School Cleaning Tips

Learn why this is the perfect time for a deep clean and how to make your home spotless again.

The transition back to school can be a busy time for many families. Adapting to new schedules, settling into social and academic demands, and shifting daily priorities take a toll on everyone’s energy and bandwidth. It may feel challenging to add deep cleaning to your to–do list. Still, there are many reasons why now is the perfect time to dig in and several ways to alleviate your workload.

Why Back–to–School is the Perfect Time for Deep Cleaning

Reset After Summer

After having the kids home all summer, your home could likely use a deep clean! No matter the age of your children, having them home much more often means more dishes, more cooking, and more use of each and every space. Even the most responsible of children can leave a home in need of a good cleaning! Sending them back to school is the perfect opportunity for a reset to get your home looking, feeling, and smelling truly clean.

Refresh Wardrobes

Back–to–school shopping is an exciting part of each fall for many families. Use it as a time to also revisit closet and dresser organization. This is an opportunity to pick out a few seldom–used or outgrown items to donate. Heading into the school year with an organized closet and a wardrobe they love will help prepare kids for a more confident and positive school experience.

Establish Ongoing Routines

The beginning of the school year is the best time to establish routines you want to carry into the future. If the first couple months of school feature a home in disarray, seldom–clean spaces, and clutter, this will be the expectation for the rest of the school year. You might be able to overcome these bad habits later in the school year, but it will be difficult.

Instead of setting yourself up for a challenge, get your home looking and feeling the way you want it long–term. Then, establish ongoing routines that get the whole family involved in keeping your home in excellent condition. This might involve chore charts, delegated responsibilities, or setting aside one evening per week for the whole family to clean.

This family is establishing fun routines together with cleaning help from Zerorez Calgary.

Model Organization Skills

On top of getting your home back to the condition you prefer, back–to–school cleaning is a great way to model successful organization skills for your kids. Organization plays a key role in students' success, especially once they reach grade levels with various classes, testing schedules, and assignments. Decluttering, forming routines, and sticking to organizational habits at home will make it more natural for students to stay organized in school.

This Zerorez Calgary professional is cleaning harmful dirt particles and allergens from grout.

How to Tackle Back–to–School Cleaning

Start Early

The sooner you can deep clean your home and set up ongoing routines for keeping it in great shape, the better! Start early and demand consistency for the first few months. You’ll have a much easier time keeping healthy cleaning routines running for the year to come.

Prioritize High–Impact Items

Aside from decluttering and organizing, many homes also need a deep cleaning. It's all too easy to let a year go by without deep cleaning appliances, floors, and furniture. Harmful dirt particles and allergens can become trapped within carpeting and grout. Over time, the colors in your carpet and tile can change due to dirt buildup. Prioritize these high–impact items to transform your home and leave it looking, feeling, and smelling cleaner.

Bring in Professionals

Most families are busy during the back-to-school season, making it hard to find time for a deep clean. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start or even how to properly clean parts of your home. For busy families, Zerorez Calgary provides safe and effective cleaning services that leave your household healthier. Leaving no residue behind, Zerorez Calgary carpet cleaning relies on green technology and proven processes. Book your appointment today!