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Powerful and Safe Carpet Cleaning in Calgary

We get more dirt and grime out of your carpets than any other carpet cleaner in the industry. See our pricing.

  • No Lingering Soap Residue
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Crunchy Carpet Texture
  • Fast-Drying Treatments
  • Pet-Friendly, Kid-friendly
  • Extends the Life of Carpets

The Latest in Cleaning Technology

Zr Lifter, greatest in carpet cleaning technology.

Zr Lifter™

Loosening the deeply embedded dirt that’s stuck in your carpet fibers.

Zr Wand, significantly improve carpet cleaning dry times.

Zr Wand™

A more complete clean with significantly improved dry times.

Zr Water, leave no residue after carpet clean.

Zr Water™

Leaves no residue which means soft carpets that stay cleaner longer.

Why Zerorez Calgary?

Why Zerorez Calgary?

Property owners choose Zerorez Calgary when they want carpet cleaning done right! A thorough, longer-lasting clean that’s free of soaps and harsh chemicals doesn't just leave your home feeling fresh — it revives it.

Zerorez is different from other Calgary carpet cleaning companies because we don't use soaps, detergents or harsh chemicals. Unlike traditional carpet cleaning services in Calgary, we don't use soaps, detergents, or any harsh chemicals. Our unique cleaning process includes Zr Water™, an all-natural, non-toxic all-surface cleaner that replaces the need for soaps or harsh chemicals that traditional cleaners use.

It's also gentle on your carpet! We're able to get deep into the fibers of your carpets and remove stains that other cleaners miss entirely. Our specialized machines are equipped with three separate settings to match your carpet's needs, including our signature Ultra Deep Clean. This setting includes a low-speed suction that loosens up the dirt and grime from deep within the fibers of your carpets for an exceptional clean!

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A Clean You Can Trust

Zerorez is also available for move-out or construction cleaning — we can make sure you don’t leave anything behind! Once we've cleaned your rooms, you can rest easy knowing that Zr Clean™ï¸ will inhibit the growth of bacteria, leaving your flooring clean and healthy long-term.

There are lots of carpet cleaning companies out there. How can you tell which one to trust? Just listen to the reviews from real customers. With a 4.8 average customer rating, Zerorez is known for our phenomenal customer service.

We do things differently here at Zerorez. With free quotes and transparent pricing, our customers know exactly what they're paying before their appointment begins. We also guarantee all of our work with our Gotta Love It 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is guaranteed to leave your carpets looking clean and fresh without damaging them as other methods might do. You'll never need another steam cleaner again! With Zerorez, we have patented our patented Zr Clean to help achieve the best results.

With Zerorez, you'll get a cleaner carpet than ever before. We'll get more dirt and grime out than any other carpet cleaner in the industry. It won't leave behind a residue as soaps or detergents can.

Experience the difference with our carpet cleaning in Calgary and book your appointment now!

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How Often to Clean Carpets

It's recommended to clean your carpets at least once every 12-18 months. This will help prevent dirt and grime from building up over time and keep your carpets looking fresher and brighter, and easier to maintain with vacuuming. Most companies recommend you vacuum your carpets at least twice a week.

Wondering if Your Carpets Need a Good Cleaning Service? Look for the Following Indicators:

If it seems your carpet is a couple of shades darker than you remember, especially in high-traffic areas, it's probably time to get them cleaned.

Maybe you're not particularly strict about taking shoes off at the door, or you've found yourself running late and forgetting to take them off more times than you can remember — it happens! Dirt and grime on the bottom of your shoes can be tracked through the house and build up in the carpet.

An excited tail wag from a muddy dog, an accidental juice spill from a dancing toddler, or even the remnants of a sleepover party; all these things can leave behind stains on your carpet that don't come out with a store-bought spray. Instead of thinking all hope is lost and you can only look for carpet replacement, try a good professional cleaning first.

Does your carpet feel a little...different? Not as plush or soft as it once did? The build up of everyday life can take a toll on your carpet, leaving it looking dull or matted and feeling rough underfoot. You'll be amazed at how a deep clean revitalizes your carpet and even makes it more resistant to daily wear.

Homes are a warm and comforting haven, but the floors that see so much of our lives need a little care now and then, too. That doesn’t mean carpet cleaning has to be a hassle that takes days to dry or uses a process with questionable residue.

Without soapy residue bonding to carpet fibers attracting dust and dirt over time, your carpets dry faster and stay cleaner longer, adding years to the life of your carpeted floors. That's the true value of carpet cleaning.

More Than 160,000+ 5-Star Reviews

4.9 - Local Ratings

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Taylor beaudry

    Taylor beaudry


    Highly recommend zerorez. They are extremely accommodating and did a great job on my rug. Kiima kept me updated on the status of my rug during the multiple times they cleaned it and was very sweet! My rug looks brand new!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By


    Shane came out to my aunt's senior's residence today to clean a chair that she inherited from a former resident. I love my aunt, but she's quick to find fault, things are always just ok in her eyes, never great. Well, today she said the chair looks great. All of the food residue and grime is gone, she's thrilled. She said she's never seen anyone work as hard as Shane: from the moment he arrived, and after 3 trips to bring his equipment up to her room, he got to work on bringing the upholstery back from the brink. It was important to him that she was happy with the result before he left (no further work was needed, he got it right the first time) and to make sure the chair was dry for her, he left the fan running on it while he made the 3 trips to return his gear to the vehicle. He called me when he was done to update me, and the invoice was easy and secure to pay. We couldn't be happier! Thanks, Shane, Todd and Zerorez.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Paul Gainor

    Paul Gainor


    Looks like new! Did a great job!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Cindy Russell

    Cindy Russell


    This is the first time I’ve used this company to clean an area rug. They did a very good job, and had the rug back to me in a matter of just a few days. Plus, the service was friendly and attentive! I’ll certainly use this company again and will pass their contact information on to my friends. Thank you so much!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Tina Fischer

    Tina Fischer


    Reed was professional, helpful and on time. He did an amazing job on our carpets. Highly recommend.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Chris Mills

    Chris Mills


    Great service, friendly and proffessional.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Hugo Almaraz

    Hugo Almaraz


    Josh did a great job, our carpet looks awesome and ready for more years of service. The overall experience was great, quick responses, transparency on process and pricing, which was very competitive. I certainly recommend Zerorez for cleaning services. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Celine Zhang

    Celine Zhang


    Very professional ! Well done !

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Richard Gilbert

    Richard Gilbert


    Service was excellent and quality of service excellent. Service people very friendly, courteous and helpful. Have used their services previously and pleased with both quality and price. Will continue to use them in the future.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Chelsey Stuart

    Chelsey Stuart


    Zerorez was very responsive to all my question prior to booking and the technician was very friendly and knowledgeable upon arrival. My carpets look and smell great! We will definitely be using them on a continuous basis. Thanks Zerorez!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Aly Jamani

    Aly Jamani


    A really good experience with Shane. He explained the process well, was professional in his demeanor and conduct. The results were outstanding, lots of junk came outta the carpet, even when it looked absolutely pristine. Prices were also very competitive.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Pamela Hampel

    Pamela Hampel


    Great job! He walked me through each step. Was incredibly professional and I am very satisfied with the service.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Kara Koch

    Kara Koch


    The guys were friendly and efficient! I would definitely recommend them.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By F Batsy

    F Batsy


    We had read great reviews about the chemical free carpet cleaning that Zerorez offers. We wanted to make sure the new home we are moving into is refreshed for our family of 5 and 2 hypo-allergenic dogs! Office staff, appointment reminders and in house service provided by Josh were exactly what makes this company great! Thanks Zerorez!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Karrie Giustini

    Karrie Giustini


    I’m so happy with the results. My carpets look and feel so much cleaner. Reed was excellent and did an amazing job. I love that there are no chemicals used. I highly recommend this company!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Velma Wilgenbusch

    Velma Wilgenbusch


    Prompt, professional, very effective. No upsell pressure. Will use them at the next opportunity.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Saige Hansen

    Saige Hansen


    Josh from Zerorez cleaned our carpets and did a fantastic job!!! Friendly, quick, and amazing service, and my carpets look brand new!! Definitely will be using them again and trying their other services, highly recommend!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Val Madsen

    Val Madsen


    Great service with very good results, even on an older, well-worn carpet. Technician was polite and provided plenty of information about the process.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Susan Laffoley

    Susan Laffoley


    Very impressed with the service & quality. Tech was very good & took care & pride in what he was doing.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Pamela Hancock

    Pamela Hancock


    Absolutely outstanding service and results

Zerorez Calgary gotta love it guarantee.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your cleaning, we'll gladly return to re-clean any areas you're unsatisfied with.

Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Having a pet (or two or three) is a wonderful addition to many families. Who doesn't love a furry companion? What you may not love, however, are the messes your pet makes inside the home. From accidents to tracking in mud after a walk, households with pets may need to show their carpets a little more love.

Zerorez offers specialized pet urine and odor removal services that works harder than traditional carpet cleaners to remove any lingering mess in the carpet backing or pad.

In some cases, our standard Zerorez carpet cleaning process may be all that is needed. In more severe cases, when the urine soaks through the carpet backing into the padding, we have a specialized method to remove these difficult pet odors and stains through a pad extraction procedure.

Unfortunately, in some cases the problem is extremely severe, encompassing the subfloor and tack strips. In this situation, our technician may recommend carpet/pad replacement provided by a third party carpet repair professional.


Whole Home Carpet Protectant


Whole home carpet protectant

Carpet - 1 Room


Single area

Carpet - Staircase



Carpet - Additional Room


Add a room

Carpet - Protectant 1 Room


Room Protector

Carpet - Hallway



Carpet - 5 Room Special


Carpet - 5 Room Special

Carpet - 3 Room Special


Carpet - 3 Room Special


Carpet - 5 Room Special


Carpet - 3 Room Special


Whole home carpet protectant


Single area




Add a room


Room Protector



Carpet Drying Time

We get it. There are few things that feel as good as a clean home and freshly washed carpet. What doesn’t feel good? Knowing it may take days to dry before you can start using that carpeted room again.

Zerorez is different. We want your carpets to be ready for dancing and cuddles as soon as possible, without leaving behind any of the yucky stuff.

At Zerorez Calgary, we’re experts in the science of clean. Our cleaning process gets to the root of the carpet’s fibers, but doesn’t penetrate the backing. The result? Carpets that are ready to be walked on just hours after cleaning.

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Cleaning vs. Replacing Carpet

Experts in the Science of Clean

When your carpet starts to look a little less than stellar, the question is often whether the carpet in your home needs replacing, or just a good cleaning?

If you're thinking about replacing your carpet because it's too dirty, worn or stained, you will want to consider the following: First, carpet is costly to replace. It can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars to carpet the average-sized house. If you own a larger home, then you may even double or even triple that cost.

You may want to consider a professional cleaning service before investing in a costly replacement. Professional carpet cleaning near you can help lengthen the life of your existing carpet.

The Zerorez cleaning process gets to the root of your carpet's fibers, but does not penetrate the backing. We also use about half the water other cleaners do, which means your carpet will be dry and ready to stand up to normal wear-and-tear just hours after a carpet cleaning.

Of course, life happens and carpet doesn't truly last forever, no matter how you care for it. We at Zerorez Calgary pride ourselves on providing a thorough, revolutionary cleaning — but we also pride ourselves on honesty. We won't lie to you if your carpet has been loved beyond repair and will recommend a replacement through a third party professional if needed.

Gotta love it - Zerorez Calgary services.
Learn about Zerorez Calgary's patented tech.
Zerorez Calgary is certified platinum by the carpet and rug institute.
Zerorez Calgary is Woolsafe.
Zerorez Calgary is IICRC certified.
Learn more about Zerorez Calgary planet safe technology.
Learn more about Zerorez Calgary child safe technology.
Zerorez Calgary is obsessed with clean - carpet cleaning in Calgary.

We're Obsessed With Clean

Zerorez Carpet Cleaning

Life isn't always kind to carpets. From kids and pets to the normal wear and tear of everyday foot traffic, it's easy for carpet fibers to get worn. Upholstery and other fabrics are also traps for odor, dust and other bacteria you don't want hanging around.

Carpet protection services and upholstery cleaning are a great way to mitigate the issue and ensure your carpets and upholstery can withstand all the walking, playing, spilling and running it needs to.

Our Zerorez Fiber Protector™ï¸, uses state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology to protect against damaging soils and water or oil-based spills. With carpet protection, you can spend less time worrying about the danger of a mishap and more time enjoying your living space.

At Zerorez, we're obsessed with clean. With our patented process that leaves zero residue, carpet cleaning near you is easy, fast and the clean solution you've been searching for.

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning in Calgary

Making Room for More

Cleaning. For some, it brings a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind. For others, it's a dreaded chore that can take up time. But cleaning isn’t just about putting things — dishes, toys, or stray shoes — away. It's about making room for what's important.

Cleaning is about making room for what matters. More family dinners. More movie nights. More laughing together. More happy memories.

Our carpets are the witness to a lot of that memory making. From spontaneous dance parties, watching a baby take their first steps, or chasing around a new pet, carpets see a lot of loving wear, tear and dirt.

Carpet cleaning doesn't have to be a hassle or take up precious time that could be spent on all those things that really matter. With Zerorez Calgary, carpet cleaning just got easier — and cleaner!

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Enjoy a clean home with Calgary carpet cleaning at Zerorez Calgary. Enjoy a clean home with your family - carpet cleaning in Calgary.

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